The Dance Castle

The Dance Castle
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DANCE . . . is a beautiful form of art to which each artist can feel and interpret the magic of the moment. I love to feel music and I am so grateful for all those who brought dance into my life, especially Paul and Elsie Miller. Some people say that I was born to dance, but I think I was born to share dancing with you.

Jim and I dance. We have been dancing together for over ten years. I started dancing 20 years ago with such great inspirations from line dancer Rayma Garcia, choreographers Cam and Lori Wong, and dancers extraordinaire Carlos and Karen Canto. I went on to study ballroom, latin and swing dancing from ISTD professional Paul Miller and his wife, Elsie. Jim thought he’d better learn to dance to date me, and it worked! I taught Ballroom and Swing dance classes at Columbia College with Paul Miller for five years, then another five years with Jim. The Community Education starts up again in the Spring of 2013, and our classes are again a part of the program.

We opened our own home studio, The Dance Castle, in September 2010 at the request of our students and friends. Our mission is to share our love, provide low-cost lessons and have a place to dance. The lesson donations are used to help finance the Dance Galas and overhead. Everything gets invested back into dancing. We do have a day job as Owners-Biologists for our company, Foothill Sierra Pest Control. Our evenings are filled with teaching and dancing in our community.

We offer group and private lessons in Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances
As well as Ballet on Saturdays and Folk Dancing on Fridays

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23496 Gold Springs Dr., Columbia, CA 95310