Historic Structures: Saint Charles Saloon 1856

The building now primarily known as the Saint Charles Saloon is also known by several other names. The “Alberding building” is often used by historians. Most folks call it “the Charlie”, others call it “the Bar” and still others simply call it “home.” Few have ever called it boring.

In 1851, Charles Alberding owned a wooden structure on this lot and he ran a grocery and provisions store in it. In 1856, Alberding had the current brick structure erected. For all intents and purposes Alberding owned the building until 1871. During this time, numerous people rented the building and ran various businesses in it. These businesses were primarily bars. However, a bakery and oyster bar occupied this site in the late 1850’s.

In 1871, Alberding sold to Paul Bixel. In 1872, Bixel sold to Mike Rehm. Rehm ran a saloon with billiard tables. The structure then changed hands many times before the state purchased it in 1947 from the Solari family. Carlo Franco then became a conncessionaire. He and several other individuals operated the “Pioneer Saloon” for many years.

Tom Cornett took over as concessionaire in 198? and then sold his contract to Denise Kerner in 198?. Kerner ran the concession until 1995 when Bill Hubenett took over. Jim Brisco took over in 1997 and is presently the concessionaire.

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